Fundraising & Sponsorship


Our fundraising goal is easily summed up in one statement: ALL funds raised are used directly for the youth that we serve in our community. Fundraising allows us to provide our participants with safe equipment, proper training supplies, and superior facilities to compete at.

Our current projects include full renovation of batting cages, installation of irrigation, purchase of an infield grader, general field upgrades, sun shades for bleacher areas, and concession stand equipment replacement. The total cost of these projects is approximately $125,000.



Most recently, fundraising support has allowed for new benches and concrete floors to be installed in each of the eight dugouts at Diehl Park.

From the scoreboards on each of the fields to the garage for equipment storage to the superior condition of our play fields… each of these, and so many more have been made a reality through the generosity of everyone who has supported our fundraising efforts.


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Jon Gathman | Director of Fundraising

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