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The BSSL will once again be organizing a spring softball league for junior high aged kids and younger. This will be for community-based teams so players can focus on playing with teammates they might have when they get to high school.  There will be a tournament for each division at the end of the spring league season.



Team registration deadline is March 12, 2023.


Sunday, March 12, 2023, at 6:30pm at Diehl Park


Junior High 6th, 7th & 8th Grade

   Gold Division (43' Pitching Distance)

   Silver Division (40' Pitching Distance)

Elementary School Grades 3-5

(35' Pitching Distance with 11" softball)

Teams should be community-based. Please be sure to have players from within your own community or school district on your roster. This league is intended to be fun and competitive, and give players an opportunity to play with others who will be on their school teams as they get older.


Regular Season: March 27 - April 29

Tournament: April 30 - May 4

Games will be scheduled based on team availability.

*No games will be scheduled on Easter.*

Coaches will schedule their own games at the March meeting, and may schedule whatever days they are available. Teams will schedule 12-14 games.

There will be a single elimination league tournament April 30 - May 4.


Team Fee: $75

($30 League Fee + $45 USA Softball Team Sanction)

Umpire Fee: $60 for single umpire; $45 each for two umpires

Teams will be responsible for umpire costs to be paid on the field prior to the start of game. All umpires are required to be USA Softball sanctioned. All umpires will be scheduled by the league, regardless of the location of the game. If you have umpires that could be used, please let us know so they can be scheduled for games.

Team are responsible for their own game balls.

Softballs may be purchased through the league, if needed.


2023 Rule Updates will be added soon.


The league will follow USA Softball rules, with modifications:

General Rules

JH Gold Division Rules

JH Silver Division Rules

Elementary Division Rules


Every organization will have the opportunity to host games at their "home" location.

Diehl Park in Defiance will be available for any/all teams for games.


This will be a sanctioned league through USA Softball.

The league will sanction all teams, and is included in your team fee.

All head coaches are required to complete the ACE training through USA Softball.

All coaches are required to have a current background check and complete the Safe Sport training through USA Softball.  (

All coaches are required to be current on concussion training. (available for free through at

All coaches are required to be current on Lindsay's Law training.

**Copies of all certificates are REQUIRED to be turned in at (or before) the coaches meeting on March 12th.**


Josh Busch - President, Defiance Softball

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